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Whether you followed a link or just randomly surfed into this tiny domain of mine on the world wide web, I'm happy to say "Khush Amdaid" , Welcome!

I'm building this site not only to house my photographs and create a virtual gallery but to translate this hobby of mine into an instrument of funding my projects. Namely, Girls education in Underdeveloped poor regions of Pakistan and Charity Medical Relief missions. Please Click on the " School Project" button above to see the details and get updates.

The "Home Page" will display my recent Pictures, while "Selected Work" will feature galleries of my photographs. Please do click on "Shop" to select and order prints. You can use "Contact Us" to inquire about or order any photo you don't find in the shop but would like to order.

Aluminum is my medium of choice for printing. I will be adding options for more mediums soon too.

I am also working on a cook book, which is currently being "Field-tested" for the recipes. Look for updates on that front by clicking on the" Cook Book" button.

I'm learning the many 'strings' of this web building as I go, so please bear with me.



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