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                                                          Available Aluminum Frames

Rectangle Print
Panoramic Print
Square Print
Circle  Print

Small:  11"x14"-10"x20"

Medium: 16"x20"-16"24"

Large: 20"x24"

Super: 20'x40"

Small:  5"x5"- 8"x8"

Medium:  12"x12";

large:  16x16  

Extra large:  20"x20"

Small:   8"x24"

Medium:  12"x36"

Large:  20"x36"

Small:   8"x8"

Medium:  16"x16"

Large:   24"x24"

Aluminum is the perfect medium for digital photos, Allowing For Vibrant Colors, Depth and High Resolution details. 1.2mm thick, Light weight, with rounded corners for added Safety,These are Naturally Durable.They are also Water, Scratch and UV resistant.

Please Choose the Frame Shape & Size for Pricing, understanding that the dimensions given are close approximations as each print will vary slightly, dictated by the image, for a perfect fit. 

Contact if you need different specific sizes.

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