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Located in the Picteresque Skardu Valley of Baltistan,NorthernPakistan,around the Lower Kachura Lake,aka Shangrila Lake,is this famous resort.Its spectacular location alone warrants a visit when in the area.

Ancient Bazaars, Lanes
& Havelis of Rawalpindi

Take a stroll through the centuries old bazaars of inner city, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where each street specializes in some ancient trade or craft and everything seems in furious motion and very calm and laid back  at the same time!

The numerous cafes & food stalls add delicious aromas to the air. There is a distinct feeling of timelessness, despite the modern vehicular traffic added to the fray. 

Buried inside the labyrinth of narrow lanes are some ancient gems of architecture forgotten in time and sadly neglected. There are remnants of some exquisite Hindu & Sikh temples and beautiful historical mansions owned by wealthy Hindus who migrated to India in 1947. Extremely Callous how these historical and beautiful structures have been neglected & left to the elements. 

Kite flying and kite duels are a favorite activity in these densely populated neighborhoods. Basant, the advent of spring, is especially  synonymous with kite duels, music and feasts. 

One of the Oldest mosques in Rawalpindi, the Markazi Jamia Masjid, built around 1903 in Mughal architecture style, is situated amongst old buildings on the busy Jamia Masjid Road. Rich art work of bold & beautiful mosaic, intricate tile work and frescos in vibrant colors with beautiful calligraphy make it stand out. It's also known for its advanced acoustics design. 

Northern Pakistan

A mere one hour's flight from Islamabad,the world changes.You find yourself amongst some of the tallest mountains in the world,where the three great ranges of the Karakorum,the Himalayas and the Hindukush converge. Breath takingly beautiful where the stark,snow capped mountains contrast with the lush,blossoming valleys and the many aquamarine,crystal clear rivers and streams which converge to make the mighty river Indus of the plains below.No cameras can capture the gorgeousness of the vistas here.

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