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My Mission

Girl's Education In Poor Regions

Being a physician, I know that most diseases can be prevented by simple awareness. Knowledge empowers individuals. It not only changes their own life, but also makes the world a better place for everyone. This multiplies many times over by educating the girls who then effect a generational change.

No part is remote enough in this global village of ours to make us immune to festering diseases, either microbial or social. Education is our main defense. In under-developed countries, girls education is usually ignored by their families and governments. In collaboration with my alumni association ,RMCOF, I have made educating girls in remote and  poor regions , my mission.

 We adopted a village in a far flung region of Pakistan devastated after the great 2010 flood and constructed 322 housing units. We also built two schools exclusively for the girls in this area.

The revenue generated by the sale of the artwork  goes towards the school. 


The School has been upgraded to the Secondary School Certificate level, thanks to your generous support thus far. The first batch of 10th. graders will appear for their matriculation exam in March 2023. This is another major milestone in the evolution of the school. We continue to rely on your involvement and generous contributions to continue funding this vital project. Please consider donating directly to:



The cost to sponsor a student for a full year is only $100.00. Please click on the link below and help transform lives.


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Evolution Of The School.
Under Construction. 2010
New Wing being added.2017
Entrance. 2010
Construction underway_
Helping out.(Jan.2012)
Plantation ceremony.Jan.2012
The first batch of students.Jan.2012
New Rooms added
A Class room
The first batch. (Dec.2011)
January 2012. Students and faculty
Newly Constructed School
In Image in 2014
The School in bloom
A classroom in session.2014
Amongst the first batch of girls
Annual Thanksgiving/Eid feast.2014
2014. A class room
New shoes ( March 2018)
New Shoes (March 208)
More classrooms being added.2017
New Wing being added

Exhibition Sale At Miles Memorial Gallery

Nov.26th 2016-Jan.6th.2017

The Exhibition Sale generated enough funds for us to add a computer lab to the school.

 A new room was added, furnished and Six Desktop PC's installed.

We thank You for your support and look forward to your continued positive engagement.