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It was an extreme challenge  to cope with the mostly bland and boring food, I encountered in England. I had  moved there  for post graduate surgical training for a few years, before  finally  relocating to USA. It did not help that I don't eat pork and am allergic to seafood ! This, obviously further severely limited my available choices. I, therefore, embarked on teaching myself to cook, with frequent consult calls to the mother ship of course!

Over the course of time, I have been able to strike a balance between taste, simplicity in the process and healthy nutritional value of my recipes.I have compiled these time tested and appreciated recipes into a book now, currently being edited. I wrote the book primarily for my kids, and people like them, who appreciate good food but have not cooked themselves yet. My daughter, currently studying abroad, is "field testing" the recipes and turning into quite a cook herself in the process!

That, of course, is my aim. To encourage and facilitate  good, healthy and tasty home cooking in this age of considering the joyful art of cooking a chore to be avoided.

Portland Press Herald did a feature article on one of my recipes.( Please click on the link below)

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Cooking With Docs

In The Fall of 2015 I was invited as a guest to conduct a cooking class in a program to promote healthy cooking and eating called" Cooking With Docs." We prepared eggplant,Shrimp Karahi and daal in the community kitchen, which we then enjoyed for dinner!

Some images from that event.

Roasting the eggplant slices
Interactive learning
Cooking with docs
A Good Stir to the shrimp Karahi
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