My Mission

Girl's Education In Poor Regions

Being a physician, I know that most diseases can be prevented by simple awareness. Knowledge empowers individuals. It not only changes their own life, but also makes the world a better place for everyone. This multiplies many times over by educating the girls who then effect a generational change.

No part is remote enough in this global village of ours to make us immune to festering diseases, either microbial or social. Education is our main defense. In under-developed countries, girls education is usually ignored by their families and governments. In collaboration with my alumni association ,RMCOF, I have made educating girls in remote and  poor regions , my mission.

 We adopted a village in a far flung region of Pakistan devastated after the great 2010 flood and constructed 322 housing units. We also built two schools exclusively for the girls in this area.

The revenue generated by the sale of the artwork  goes towards the school. 


The School needs to be upgraded to matriculation level now that, happily, the first batch of students have reached 8th.grade.This means the need for new physical classrooms and related infrastructure and teaching/faculty additions. Please consider donating directly to:



The cost to sponsor a student for a full year is only $100.00. Please click on the link below and help transform lives.


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Evolution Of The School.
Under Construction. 2010
New Wing being added.2017
Entrance. 2010
Construction underway_
Helping out.(Jan.2012)
Plantation ceremony.Jan.2012
The first batch of students.Jan.2012
New Rooms added
A Class room
The first batch. (Dec.2011)
January 2012. Students and faculty
Newly Constructed School
In Image in 2014
The School in bloom
A classroom in session.2014
Amongst the first batch of girls
Annual Thanksgiving/Eid feast.2014
2014. A class room
New shoes ( March 2018)
New Shoes (March 208)
More classrooms being added.2017
New Wing being added

Exhibition Sale At Miles Memorial Gallery

Nov.26th 2016-Jan.6th.2017

The Exhibition Sale generated enough funds for us to add a computer lab to the school.

 A new room was added, furnished and Six Desktop PC's installed.

We thank You for your support and look forward to your continued positive engagement.

Videos Of A Visit To The School In March 2017.

Village Elder Speaks

A 5th. Grader Speaks

Public Speaking on topic

Poem Recitation

Prize Distribution

Singing The Anthem

Speeches by the Patrons

Students & Staff Speak

Rifat Speaking

Event Images


New Shoes Day 
New Computer Lab
Sack Race

Incorporating easily available, cheap resources to encourage sports activities.

Frisbee Throw

Imaginative, fun activities to generate interest in sporting competitions.

On your marks..

Short sprint races


Skipping ropes provided to encourage physical activity.

The winners

The school provides these kids with uniforms, shoes, socks and books free of cost to them. An annual sports day has been added to the academic calendar this year.

Team events

Using easily available, cheap resources/equipment to introduce team sporting competitions

Annual Sports Day
Official Request.

Official Request.

Official Request to the school to help organize a safety/first aid training day.

Official Brochure

Official Brochure

A Campaign to drill schools in general safety and first aid measures

Training day

Training day

Area Emergency Responders visiting the school for the day to instruct faculty and students in safety and first aid measures.

First Aid training

First Aid training

The school participated in the government organized basic first aid and safety training.

CPR Protocols

CPR Protocols

First Aid

First Aid

Basic first aid measures taught.



Instructing the faculty and pupils.

Group Picture

Group Picture

The kids with their teachers for the day



Officially declared to be trained for community /school safety.

Safety Training Day
New Socks Day
A Visit in March 
Event Videos (March 2019)
Student Performances
Dr.Zaidi's Speech & Tour Of The School
Principal's Address & Awards
Village Tour
Basti Awaan. Homes,Streets,Bazaars & Landscape

our adopted village which was razed during the great 2010 flood. RMCOF  rebuilt the entire village with housing units, a Mosque/Community Center and two girls schools.There had been no facilities for girls  education here before. We especially thank our Maine and other fellow US citizens for donating so generously towards this cause and count on your continued engagement to keep the school running and expanding.

Evening technical courses
Sewing Machines Giveaway

Arranging for the mothers of these girls to acquire skills that can help supplement the family income as well.

Leaning a new skill

RMCOF provided the sewing machines and the instructors free of cost to the villagers. The school doubling as a vital community center as well for the women.

A Source Of Income

Each deserving graduating woman of this technical course was given the machine she learned on for her own use and as a tool to supplement the family's income.

Sewing machine presentation

Gifting the machines to the women who attended the evening technical sewing course at the school to help them start their own small business.

Fleece,Sweaters and Warm socks Day. (Nov.2019)

Your generous patronage provided every girl in the school with a new fleece jacket or sweater and warm socks. For many of these students, these school provided warm clothing  are all they own. 

Haji Saab, the gentleman who donated his land for this school, was requested to hand out the packages to the students.

Annual Eid/Thanksgiving Feasts

Each year,We arrange for the school to host an annual eid dinner for the students and their extended families.The day celebrates the Abrahamic tradition of sacrifice.Locally sourced animals ,food and labour are used to prepare a feast for the village.In an extremely poor region, this dinner has become a much anticipated occasion and tradition for the village and the school.

New Playground 

Playground equipment was installed to allow the girls much needed exercise and fun-time recreation. 

Sales from photos and your generous donations allow us to provide the girls with increased academic and extra curricular activities.

February 2021

Building Extension For School Upgrade Begins

New Uniforms As School Reopens

All the new students were provided with uniforms and books as the school resumed in class learning. This area has no general internet connectivity nor do the students have access to computers at home making distant learning impossible. The girls were delighted to be back at school.

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