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Nov.26th 2016-Jan.6th.2017

Village Elder Speaks

A 5th. Grader Speaks

Public Speaking on topic

Poem Recitation

Prize Distribution

Singing The Anthem

Speeches by the Patrons

Students & Staff Speak

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Village Tour
Basti Awaan. Homes,Streets,Bazaars & Landscape

our adopted village which was razed during the great 2010 flood. RMCOF  rebuilt the entire village with housing units, a Mosque/Community Center and two girls schools.There had been no facilities for girls  education here before. We especially thank our Maine and other fellow US citizens for donating so generously towards this cause and count on your continued engagement to keep the school running and expanding.

Your generous patronage provided every girl in the school with a new fleece jacket or sweater and warm socks. For many of these students, these school provided warm clothing  are all they own. 

Haji Saab, the gentleman who donated his land for this school, was requested to hand out the packages to the students.

Each year,We arrange for the school to host an annual eid dinner for the students and their extended families.The day celebrates the Abrahamic tradition of sacrifice.Locally sourced animals ,food and labour are used to prepare a feast for the village.In an extremely poor region, this dinner has become a much anticipated occasion and tradition for the village and the school.

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Fleece & Sweaters day

Haji Saab, who donated the land for this school was asked to present these to the students.